Kimco offers container services to a wide range of customers in Canada and the United States. For large projects, we have 20, 30 and 40 cubic yard open-top or closed top containers. For smaller projects, our 10 – 22 cubic yard luggers are easily positioned to receive your materials. For maximum portability, our wide range of dumpers are ideal for either your factory or construction site.

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    Lugger Containers

    Luggers are primarily used for hauling bulk material, scrap steel and non-ferrous metal recycling. Our lugger containers are fashioned with special tapered ends designed for easy loading of scrap waste. Our luggers are available in a variety of sizes ranging from 8 cubic yards up to 22 cubic yards, open or closed tops and lockable.

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    Roll Off Containers

    Roll off containers are ideally suited for customers hauling refuse, scrap material, construction or demolition waste. Our roll-offs are available in a variety of sizes ranging from 20 cubic yards up to 40 cubic yards. You can select open or closed top lockable roll-off containers.

    • Compacter container pick up and dumping also available
    • Asbestos containers and trucking also available
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    Dumpers (Self-dumping hoppers)

    We offer heavy duty self-dumping hoppers in a variety of sizes. Our dumpers are designed to be moved by forklift and/or castors. All the dumpers are easy to operate and meet high quality safety requirements.

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    Standard Bins (2×3 & 4×4)

    Standard size Kimco bins are ideal for storage and hauling. Our 2’x’3 and 4’x4′ bins are easily transportable with a forklift. All bins can be dropped off to your site or you can come pick up the size you need at Kimco!


At Kimco, we know that having the right container for the job is only half the solution. Our Container Service provides an efficient method of keeping a development site clean or maintaining a consistent program for scrap emanating from your on-going production and is backed by an extensive fleet of radio-dispatched trucks. Their job is to get your container on and off site when you need it.

We realize the importance of the role we play in your production system and are dedicated to delivering the service you expect. Contact our Container Service Department, for all the benefits that a Kimco Container can offer you.