Our large fleet of vehicles helps us provide fast, dependable service for every customer.

  • Flat Decks

    A flat deck is a large truck with a platform extending horizontally from one end of the truck to the other. Our flat deck trucks are used mostly for new steel deliveries and are capable of transporting material up to 70’ in length. The flat decks can also be used to haul scrap or recycled steel.

  • Clam trucks

    A clam is an onsite mobile unit designed to lift and load up to 6 tons. Clam trucks are capable of hauling and carrying up to 25 ton capacity. The reach of the clam is 24 feet. Clam trucks are commonly used to assist our full service scrap pick-up.

  • Scows

    A scow is a large flat-bottomed container with broad square ends used chiefly for transporting bulk material, scrap steel or vehicles. Suitable for many applications in the industrial, commercial and demolition industries and ideal for large haulage.

  • Tilt and Load

    Tilt and load trucks are used for loading and transporting vehicles, storage containers, construction equipment and building materials in the South-Eastern Ontario region.

  • Rail

    Kimco has an ideal location which is on a major highway (Hwy 401) in Kingston central to New York, Ottawa and Toronto but also has an on-site, single-ended rail siding. The Kimco rail siding is primarily used to send and receive scrap and new steel. Rail sidings are a tremendous benefit to customers who only have rail access in remote locations or for long distance orders. Rail sidings are also beneficial to be able to trans-load and receive specialty material.