Kimco Steel offers estimating, sourcing, detailing, fabrication and installation of reinforced steel and wire mesh for construction projects in Ontario, Quebec and Northern US, including delivery.

    • Rebar is cut and bent to exact tolerances.
    • Standard and non-standard rebar sizes.

The Rebar department at Kimco is committed to building our clientele and business through exceptional service and competitive pricing. Kimco embodies a Reinforcing Steel Institute of Canada and CSA compliant product offering.

  • Products

    • Plain reinforcing bars
    • Epoxy reinforcing bars
    • Galvanized reinforcing bars
    • Fiberglass reinforcing bars
    • Stainless reinforcing bars
    • Welded wire mesh
    • Fiber reinforcing
    • Threaded rod
    • Deformed wire rod
    • Dowel bars
  • Services:

    • Estimating
    • Detailing
    • Welded mats
    • Shop assembly / prefabrication
    • Installation