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03 June 2019

It’s a day that can be filled with mixed emotions. Whether you’ve had your vehicle for twenty years or twenty months, chances are it has had an impact on you. Whether it was the soccer van that drove the team around or the car you shared your first date with your future spouse, everyone is tied to their vehicle in some way. Unfortunately, one day that vehicle will stop running or will need far too much work to make it worthwhile. When that day comes it’s best for the environment and for your wallet, to recycle your vehicle with Kimco Steel. Five benefits to recycling your end-of-life vehicle with Kimco Steel include:

  1. We pay you for your vehicle
    1. The market shifts monthly due to demand but Kimco will always pay top dollar
  2. It’s incredibly easy to do
    1. All we need is to see a valid ID (Driver’s License) and to validate your ownership certificate and VIN number
    2. If you need it towed to Kimco, we can arrange that for you
  3. You’re helping the environment
    1. Reduce energy fuel used in manufacturing new steel
  4. You’re reducing a backlog at local landfills
    1. When cars and parts are recycled properly, landfills stay cleaner and reduce chances of oil leaks and other auto fluids being released into the soil
  5. You’re contributing to the greater good
    1. If we all chip in and do our part recycling older products, we’re contributing to the overall health and wellbeing of our planet
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