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Company History

Kimco Steel Sales Ltd. is one of Canada’s most innovative and modern steel service centers, scrap metal and recycling facilities. Kimco is a high technology sales and processing operation on an impressively maintained 65-acre site in Kingston’s Industrial Park.

When one sees what Kimco has become today, it is difficult to conceive of its humble beginnings.

As a sixteen-year-old immigrant, Hyman Rosen came to Kingston in 1911 to start a new life. Following in his father’s footsteps, he collected rags and bottles with a horse and buggy. Hyman opened his first shop on Charles Street in 1918 under the proud name of H. Rosen. He later moved to a larger lot on Rideau Street taking on the new name of Kingston Scrap Iron & Metal Co.

In 1950, Hyman was joined by his son Irving, who brought with him new and creative ideas, including the baling press which compressed wrecked automobiles into highly compacted bundles of steel. In the 1960’s, Kimco expanded into new steel sales. It also began its refuse operation serving industrial, commercial and construction customers.

October 1975 marked Kimco’s move to its present location on John Counter Blvd. Here, Kimco even further expanded its new steel service center, ferrous and non-ferrous metal division, recycling center and container services. All four divisions began servicing customers within an ever developing radius of Kingston.

In 1977, the Canadian Recycling Association named Kimco Steel Sales Ltd. “The Most Outstanding Recycling Operation in Canada”.

In May of 1979, Gregg joined his father Irving. With his help, Kimco extended operations into the American sector. Gregg is consistently incorporating the newest equipment available in the industry so that the company can manage the challenges of an ever-changing and environmentally conscious society.

Times and technology may change, but at Kimco Steel Sales Ltd. one thing has always remained the same – a dedication to hard work, quality service to its valued customers and a commitment to a healthy environment.

Mission Statement

We generate solutions for our customers by identifying their unique needs and providing innovative and value-adding services. We source with integrity. Customers matter most.
We nurture a corporate climate in which every team member is valued and able to grow. Kimco is a virtuous place to work. We respect each other.
We embrace our commitment towards humanity and the environment. We strive to continuously reduce our carbon footprint.

A Message From Our PresidentGregg Rosen

The year was 1911 and my grandfather, Hyman Rosen set out on his own by making this commitment to his customers: he would not only meet their needs, he would surpass their expectations. In 1948 my father, Irving joined his dad and with integrity and hard work, together they created a road map to the future.

Today the philosophy of Kimco Steel Sales Ltd. remains the same as that of my grandfather and my father: total customer satisfaction above all else.

As the third generation to lead this company, I have had the opportunity to expand Kimco into a multifaceted organization. Our capabilities now include innovative materials handling, efficient transportation systems, environmental management and of course, the refinement of scrap metal processing.

My grandfather’s philosophy is still alive and well to this day: focus on the needs of your customers and the future will take care of itself.

Gregg Rosen

1-800-267-0902 - Toll Free
613-544-1822 - Local
1325 John Counter Blvd, Kingston, ON K7L 4W1
P.O. Box 300, Kingston, ON K7L 4W1
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