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Kimco is the leader in rebar fabrication for the construction industry. We supply for many new builds and renovations, both locally, and across Canada and the United States. Our rebar fabrication shop provides quality domestically-produced materials to meet any specification. If you need guidance or advice on the best products or methods, our informed staff are available and willing to assist with your building needs.

We are dedicated to customer satisfaction, and to maintaining positive relationships with the contracting establishments we supply. This benefits our clients with a higher level of product to help them construct superior projects.

Rebar Coatings

If longevity is a priority for your project, Kimco offers Galvanized rebar, which is cleansed and coated in zinc for superior corrosion protection. Similarly, rebar can be coated in epoxy to provide a longer-lasting structural product.

Reinforced Rebar

If your project has higher requirements for strength, flexibility, or resistance to chemical components, Glass Fiber Reinforced Polymer (GFRP) is available on demand, as is Stainless Steel fabricating. Compared to standard rebar, Stainless Steel outperforms in terms of mechanical strength and heat tolerance. This is vital where the weight or thickness of your concrete structure is a concern.

Mill Certs

Kimco offers Mill Certs (or mill test reports) to certify the properties of our materials. These reports are essential when projects are required to meet quality assurance standards or international compliance. Reach out to our team to obtain a mill test report.

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23 October 2023
Saturday Service Suspension
ATTENTION KIMCO STEEL SALES CUSTOMERS:  We will be suspending our Saturday operating hours effective: November 1st, 2023 until Spring of 2024 WE THANK YOU FOR YOUR CONTINUED BUSINESS!
04 May 2023
2023 Summer Closures
To All Customers and Suppliers: Kimco Steel will be closed for the following days this summer: Victoria Day Holiday Saturday May 20 Sunday May 21 Monday May 22 Canada Day Holiday Saturday July 1 Sunday July 2 Civic Holiday Saturday August 5 Sunday August 6 Monday August 7 Labor Day Holiday Saturday September 2 Sunday...

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